Commandery Officers


Sir Knight Rudolph E. Griffith

Eminent Commander


Generalissimo:         Frank Jones                  Captain General:     Tony Rudder

Senior Warden:       Dan Thompson             Junior Warden:       Harold Powell


                                 Prelate:                         Tom Lewis


Recorder:                 C. Jarrett Frame           Treasurer:               Carl Weeks

Standard Bearer:     Jene Parrotte                Sword Bearer:         Shelby Chandler

Warder:                   Shelton Mackey            Sentinel:                   Fred Hinshaw


Sir Knight Timothy J. Edwards

District Deputy Grand Commander of the Tenth Chivalric District


Sir Knight Francis Michael McGrath

Right Eminent Grand Commander of the Commonwealth of Virginia


Sir Knight William H Koon II

Most Eminent Grand Commander of the United States of America

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Fredericksburg Commandery No. 1
Conclave of the Knights Templar

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Stated Conclaves are held at 7:30 pm on the third Thursday of every month.
The Conclaves are held in the Masonic Temple,
803 Princess Anne Street, Fredericksburg, Virginia.



Back: Jon Mayberry and Howard Coleman.


Center:  Fred Hinshaw, Sandy Mackey, Shelby Chandler, Carl Weeks, and Tom Lewis.


Front:  Dan Thompson, Frank Jones, Rudolph Griffith, Tony Rudder, and Leo Powell.

Chartered October 18, 1875

Virginia York Rite

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