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The Social Order of the Beauceant

Fredericksburg Assembly No. 266

Officers of the Order

2008 - 2009

Fredericksburg Assembly No. 266, Social Order of the Beauceant was constituted on January 20, 2007.  Beautiful and impressive, the Beauceant ritual contains many lessons which are exemplified by a cadre of seventeen officers.


One of the basic landmarks of our order is the admonition to cultivate the Spirit of Love and Loyalty to each other and to the Order of Knights Templar.  With that in mind, we have adopted the Knights Templar Eye Foundation as our official charity.


As the wives, widows, mothers, daughters, sisters, and granddaughters of the Knights Templar, eligibility for membership is determined by our Sir Knights’ membership in the Commandery.  We have a long standing history of service to the Knights Templar; a history which we are proud of and wish to maintain when asked. 


At the next Masonic function you attend, look for our distinctive black skirts, white blouse, and red jacket worn by our Beauceant sisters.

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Worthy President

Barbara (Joseph) Bongiovi

 Most Worthy Oracle

Patricia (Frederic) Batten

 First Vice President

Sharon (Edwin) Carpenter

Second Vice President

Mary (C. Jarrett) Frame


Margaret (Howard) Roe


Dorothy (Daniel) Thompson


Barbara  (Rudolph) Griffith


Barbara (Charles) Doyal

 Assistant Marshal

Patti (William) Turner


Kathryn (Charles) Wagner

Director of Music

Mary Francis (Michael) St. John

Standard Bearer 

Lynne (Lawrence) Smith

Color Bearer

Judith (James) Wigglesworth

Mistress of the Wardrobe

Darlene (Henry) Knauf

Daughter of the Household

Nadine (Martin) Smith

Inner Guard

Mary (Patrick) Curtis

 Outer Guard

Leslie (Richard) Dey