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Fredericksburg Chapter No. 23

Royal Arch Degrees

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Back: Jon Mayberry and Howard Coleman.


Center:  Fred Hinshaw, Sandy Mackey, Shelby Chandler, Carl Weeks, and Tom Lewis.


Front:  Dan Thompson, Frank Jones, Rudolph Griffith, Tony Rudder, and Leo Powell.

Chartered October 18, 1875

Virginia York Rite

Living Past High Priest


Name & Year

1991-92,1994-95 - Harold L. Thompson
1992-1993 - Carl S. Weeks **
1993-1994 - Michael R. Ferrell
1997-1998 - Robert W. Benish
1998-1999 - Rodney F. Ayers **
1999-2000 - Wayne Ayers*
2000-2001 - Rudy Griffith
2002-2003 - Frederick C. Hinshaw

2003-2004 - Wilfred George Volkstadt

2004-2005 - Harold “Leo” Powell

2005-2006 -

2006-2007 - Thomas Staples

2007-2008 - Anthony Rudder



* Demitted




1958-1959 - Carl R. Pepmeier **
1960-1962 - Harold J. Davis **
1962 1964 - Charles B. Albright
1969-1970 - Robert V. Crookshanks ***
1973-1975 - Hamilton E. Pape
1976-1978 - Charles W. Fisher
1978-1980 - Ernest C. Stone Jr.
1981-1982 - William E. Davis
1983-84,1996-97 - John R. Ritchey

1986-87,1995-96 - C. Jarrett Frame Jr. **
1987-1988 - Samuel G. Hughes **
1988-1989 - Edward W. Smith

1989-1990 - Alex Novitszki

1990-1991 - William J. White